How Much Are Your Employees Really Costing You?

CCC's rates include payroll taxes, benefits, and workers’ compensation insurance. Also, with CCC you don’t pay for vacations, sick time and statutory holidays – you only pay for the hours the substitute is actually at your site. And finally, with CCC you also avoid all of the costs of recruitment & hiring, payroll processing, and HR that are associated with the employee. For a fair comparison you need to add all of these costs on to the base hourly rate you pay your staff. See for yourself how much hiring your own staff really costs you using our labor cost calculator.

Employee Cost Calculator

Hourly Wage   $
Payroll Taxes
Social Security % $
Medicare % $
Federal UI % $
State UI
State UI

For new companies typical rates for State Unemployment Insurance are as follows:

  • CA 6.20%
  • TX 2.70%
  • AZ 2.00%
% $
State ETT
State ETT

Currently State ETT (Employment Training Tax) is 0.10% in California. This tax does not apply to AZ or TX

% $
Workers' Compensation Insurance % $
Medical/Dental Benefits (enter monthly cost) $ $
Pension Benefits (enter monthly cost) $ $
Overtime 1.5x (enter number of OT hours per week) $
Number of Paid Vacation & Sick Days
Number of Paid Statutory Holidays
Total Paid Time Off $
Recruitment & Hiring Costs
Recruitment & Hiring Costs

Recruitment & Hiring Costs typically includes:

  • Placing advertisements
  • Attending job fairs
  • Resume Screening
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Conducting interviews
  • Background Screening
  • TB Test
  • Employee orientation
Payroll Processing Costs
Payroll Processing Costs

Payroll Processing Costs typically includes:

  • Timesheet data entry
  • Payroll tax remittance
  • Payroll service costs
  • Postage
Human Resources Costs
Human Resources Costs

Human Resources Costs typically includes:

  • Employment Verifications
  • Benefits Administration
  • Unemployment Insurance Filings
  • New Employee Reporting
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Filings
  • Workers' Compensation Administration
Employment Practices Liability Insurance $
The Actual Cost per Hour Worked of Your Staff calculate $

Compare this cost to CCC’s hourly rates and you’ll see that using CCC can actually save you money. To find out about CCC’s current pricing call 1-877-222-6070 or click here to have someone contact you.

In addition, with CCC you get all of these other benefits:

  • - The convenience of solving your staffing needs with just one phone call
  • - The ability to see staff in action before making the hiring decision
  • - The ability to adjust the size of your staff to match fluctuating enrollment with ease
  • - No delay in filling vacancies
  • - Lower turnover among your existing staff because they are not constantly having their schedules juggled
  • - Fewer charges against your UI reserve account
  • - No employment practices liability
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