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How We Qualify Teachers?

CCC has extensive experience providing quality personnel to literally thousands of different child care providers and after school programs. Our client list includes many large, multi-site providers and many large municipal, county and school district programs.

All CCC substitutes undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired and all of them meet or exceed state licensing requirements. You will never have to worry about being out of compliance.

In All Cases CCC Recruiters

  • Interview the applicant in person or via video call
  • Conduct a full criminal background check as required by each state
  • Require a notarized criminal history affidavit (where applicable)
  • Require official, original transcripts with a school seal
  • Require a recent Tuberculosis test
  • Have the applicant complete an immunization verification (where applicable)
  • Verify their diplomas by calling their educational institution(s)
  • Require professional references
  • Require a health screening process to be completed (where applicable)

In addition to the above rigorous screening, all applicants must pass two skill assessment exams in order to be placed in our pool of substitutes. Finally, successful applicants are given thorough orientation training.

Also, as standard practice, all of our substitutes are required to carry with them to every assignment a file with all of the necessary documents to prove they fully satisfy all licensing requirements.

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